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​Here's How It Works!

Choose Your Project


POTTERY:  Pick your piece. We have hundreds of choices— mugs, bowls, plates, platters, and figurines! 


GLASS:  Pick your base piece of clear or colored glass— 4", 6", 8", 10" or 12" or you can choose a custom sized base for your unique, decoative or functional piece.


Choose Your Design


POTTERY: Choose your paint. We provide everything you need— brushes, stencils, stamps, silk screens and even idea books


GLASS: Choose your colored glass pieces. You can cut your own shapes or use pre-cut shapes. We have chips, strips, pebbles, and even ground glass called "frit."



Be Creative!


POTTERY: Let your imagination run wild. Don't worry if you're not an artist. We can show you how to make your project look like a masterpiece! 


GLASS: Stack your colored glass shapes in layers onto the base piece using a little glue. Check out our samples or glass books for ideas!


We Fire It Up!


POTTERY:  When you're done we take care of the rest. We apply a clear glaze and kiln fire your piece. 


GLASS: We will kiln fire your glass to fuse the pieces together. If your glass is “slumped” into another shape (like a bowl) it will go into the kiln a second time.


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