Potter's Wheel

We offer wheel lessons for one person or you can bring a group of friends or a special date! Our Wheel Lessons are fun and if you're over 21 you're welcome to bring beer or a bottle of wine to the BYOB Wheel Workshops.


Adult BYOB Wheel Workshops - Every Friday & Saturday @ 6:00 PM 

-$40/person. Book early, limited seating. This class is intended for adults.

Click Here to book Adult BYOB Wheel Workshop


Family Friendly Wheel Workshop - Every Sunday @2:00pm.  

-$40/person. Book early, limited seating. Anyone over 8 can take this class.

Click Here to book Family Friendly Wheel Workshop

Jr. Pottery Wheel Workshops - scheduled throughout the year for kids 8-14.

Check out the Calendar of Events for upcoming classes.

Private or Group sessions - must be scheduled by calling the studio - $50/person

Wheel lessons must be scheduled in advance. Studio fees are included in price and covers clay, clear glazing & first firing. Additional visits to the studio to paint or detail your piece will incur studio fees.


Clay Impressions


Customers can also capture their little ones hand and/or foot prints in clay— because they only stay small for a short time! 


We do pet paw prints too! 



hand, foot or paw impression - $22 for 6" or smaller, $30 for pieces over 6".

Must be scheduled in advance. Studio fee is included in the price and covers clay, glazing, first firing and help from our friendly staff. 

Additional visits to the studio to paint or detail your piece will induct studio fees.

Hand-Building with Clay

Hand-building is relaxing and creative! We offer one-on-one instruction for hand-built clay projects using one of the following techniques: Slabbing, Coiling, or pinching.


Hand-building sessions - available for one person or groups of 4 or less and are open to adults and kids 5 and over.

Hand-building sessions must be scheduled in advance. Studio fees are included in price and covers 1.5 lbs. clay, clear glazing, & first firing of a single piece per person. Additional visits to the studio to paint or detail your piece will incur studio fees.

After School & Home School Clay Clubs

6 week sessions scheduled through out the school year for school aged kids. Check out the Calendar of Events for upcoming sessions. 

Adult Clay Club

This class is a 6-week course for adults who want to explore working with clay. Learn the basics of hand building techniques (pinching, coiling, and slab) as well as wheel throwing skills to create functional and sculptural works in clay. Check out the Calendar of Events for upcoming sessions. 


Come See Us for the Best Pottery Classes Houston Has to Offer

Fire It Up Pottery & Art Studio encourages curiosity and discovery around the art and craft of clay. Every day, in our studio, we deepen the connection between people and clay with the highest quality programs. We offer pottery classes year round in wheel-throwing, handbuilding, and clay impressions for people of all ages, from beginner to advanced. Join our inclusive and vibrant community where people of all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels can learn, connect, and create art. Satiate your interest on the potter’s wheel and experience a fun introduction to wheel-throwing. Learn the skills necessary to throw cups, bowls, vases and more in our delightful pottery class Houston wheel- throwing fundamentals. Your instructor will guide you through the process of throwing, shaping and trimming clay pots on the wheel. Beginner decorating and glazing are also covered in this course. Our classes are designed for students with little or no experience on the potter’s wheel. Or if you are more advanced, this is a great opportunity for you to refine your throwing skills and expand your range of forms! This is an exciting experience for those interested in learning to throw on the potter's wheel.

Learn the basics of handbuilding and surface decoration of clay! You can create functional dishes, decorative tiles and sculpture in pottery classes Houston TX. Coil, slab and pinch techniques are used to create your art piece. The pinch technique is similar to the way Native Americans created useful pots and bowls. Coiling consists of sausage-like coils of clay precisely set on top of each other to create vases, bowls, and other forms. In slab technique, the clay is rolled out flat, like using a rolling pin to flatten cookie dough. Explore the endless possibilities of handbuilding in this class and develop new ideas along the way! Make a simple, yet original impression of your loved one’s foot or hand, or use a significant object and capture a moment in time. Clay handprints & footprints can be done with newborns, kids, couples, elderly or pets. Pottery making Houston is  fun and easy to do, for kiddos and adults! Our clay impressions make a beautiful and thoughtful gift, a priceless creation that can be adored forever.

Join Our Pottery Painting Sugar Land Groups

Paint your own bowls, mugs, figurines, and more. If you are looking for a great gift, something fun to do on the weekends, or just an outlet for your creativity, Houston pottery classes are where it is at! We believe painting pottery should be fun, relaxing and affordable for all ages. Whether you’re coming in to spend the day with friends and family, or to truly explore your talent, you’ll find a blank canvas awaiting you where the world is your oyster. Our welcoming studio offers a wide selection of pieces and a unique experience in a family-friendly atmosphere with a welcoming smile. You do not need a reservation! First, you will choose your piece of pottery. Then, decide which colors and imagination tools (like stencils and stamps) you will use to paint your beautiful, unique work of art. Next, let your creative juices flow freely at one of our tables, (or ask about our do-it-yourself, take-home kits!) as you doodle, design, and paint. When you are all finished, we will take it from there. The next step is to glaze and fire your finished art. Your completed piece will be dipped in a clear glaze and fired in an on-site kiln by one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members. Leave it with us a few days, and we will notify you when your painted pottery is ready and available for pick up.

It's that easy! We have hundreds of bisque pieces to choose from to help you create your perfect, personal design. Pottery painting unleashes your creativity with fun paint colors, including speckled tones. All of our paints are non-toxic and lead free. If you need any help or have questions, our helpful staff will aid you through the entire process. Once completed, your piece will be food safe and ready to use! There is a studio fee per painter plus the cost of your chosen pottery piece. The studio fee covers your paints, supplies, glazing and firing of the piece. Painting Sugar Land is priced for any budget and every age, and pieces range in size.