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My name is Lottie Cantu and opening a pottery studio has been a life-long dream. Growing up, I spent my summers with my grandmother in Asheville, North Carolina where I first saw someone throwing on a pottery wheel— that wheel had a magic that reached out and drew me in. I knew this was a skill I was destined to master! My parents arranged lessons for me and my passion was ignited. Soon I had a wheel of my own and spent many, many hours trying to perfect my craft. In high school I took a pottery class, which started a whole new passion— handbuilding with clay! In college I majored in photography and graphic design and took over 20 hours of pottery. 


It has taken many years for my dream to be realized, but in April of 2015 I opened the doors to Fire It Up Pottery & Art Studio! I believe that everyone has a creative side that needs to be expressed. You don't have to be an artist or have any experience to create something beautiful. Fire It Up will help you at every step and supply everything needed to bring out your inner artist. 


Lottie Cantú

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to ignite and fuel artistic creativity and to share with the community our passion for the fired arts including pottery and glass fusing. We aim to provide a place for the average person, regardless of artisitc abilities, the oportunity to have fun and create something beautiful.

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