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Glass Fusing
fused glass


Fused Glass Art is HOT!

Glass Fusing is surprisingly easy but looks incredible. You start with a flat base piece of glass then design, stack and glue colored pieces of glass on top. Designs can be abstract, geometric or picturesque. You can cut your own shapes or use pre-cut glass shapes, chips, pebbles, strips, "stringers & noodles" or even ground glass “sand” called frit. 
Our staff can get you started in minutes! No previous experience or classes necessary! When you’re done we’ll fire your piece in a glass kiln to "fuse" the pieces together. This unique artistic medium allows you to creat colorful dishes, vases, serving platters, beautiful pieces of art, and so much more! 
Your glass piece will be ready for pick-up in about a week. Fused Glass Pieces are Functional and Food-Safe.  

Fused Glass Care: Treat your fired art with care, hand wash and no oven or microwave.

glass fusing class

Pricing for Glass: 

There is a studio fee of $7/fuser ($5 for children under 12), plus the cost of your glass project.

 The Studio Fee includes glass design pieces, materials, kiln firing and assistance from our friendly staff.

Fused glass is priced according to the size of the base piece. Prices start at $16

Slumping Your Piece


One kiln firing is perfect for many glass art pieces like sun catchers, pendants, ornaments, wall plaques, and other "flat" pieces.


However, if desired, we can fire your piece a second time over a mold called slumping to create a dish, bowl, vase or candle holder shape.


Slump Firing - $6-$8 (depending on size)

Fused Glass Jewelry


Make your own one-of-a-kind jewelry using our colored glass or add a metallic shimmer to your jewelry creations using our special dichroic glass. The process is easier than you think! We can show you how in just a few minutes. Make pendants, earrings— or create a matching set!
To learn more about Fused Glass jewelry check out our Jewelry Making page.
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