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Tile Walls make fabulous public art projects for your facility. Fire It Up will sell you the tiles, paint, glazing, and firing at a discounted price, and you can sell them to donors at a markup of your choice.

Your Cost

Suggested Mark-Up

Your Profit

4" tiles            $10.00/tile                $15                    $5.00/tile sold
6" tiles            $15.00/tile                $25                    $10.00/tile sold


Teachers, Room Moms or Group Leaders can choose and paint item(s) in our studio with NO STUDIO FEE!! Or take the piece to the classroom and have the kids paint designs, do handprints, thumb print critters, poems etc., again, NO STUDIO FEE!! We'll fire it up and have it ready for your group to auction off at your next event!


10%-15% DONATION

Bring your group into our studio on a specific day(s) and we will donate 10% of the revenue to your organization. If more than 40 people attend we will donate 15%! Fundrasing days are a creative way to bring a group together and raise funds at the same time!



Looking for a fun and creative way to raise funds for your group? Let Fire It Up Pottery & Art Studio provide a unique opportunity to raise funds and bring your community together. Families, friends, and others can participate in projects that will not only achieve your fundraising goal quickly, but also beautify your campus, office, playground, or place of worship.

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