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Welcome to Fire It Up!

Fire It Up Pottery & Art Studio is a fun contemporary fired arts studio in Sugar Land, Texas. We offer a variety of art projects that are sure to spark your creativity including; Ready-to-Paint Pottery, Glass Fusing, Dichroic Glass Jewelry Making, Wet Clay Hand-building and Potter’s Wheels.


We welcome Walk-in customers anytime for a little creative fun or you can take a class, attend a BYOB Event, or schedule a kids birthday party!


The studio provides a truly unique art experience for all ages— and best of all, no experience is required! Everyone can be an artist! The atmosphere is relaxing and inspiring.

Are YouAre You Looking For the Best Art Studio Houston Has to Offer?

Want to explore your artistic side, but unsure where to even start? Fire it Up Pottery & Art Studio offers families and friends an enriching space to explore colors, create textures, get their hands in pottery clay and build relationships with their community. We are driven to get messy, and allow adults, and children alike, to grow in their confidence and creativity through art. When you visit our artist studio Houston you can count on slowing down, tapping into your inner creativity, and spending quality time amongst friends and family. Take a step through our doors, and you will be greeted by children and adults enjoying a working studio during class time, students’ artwork on display, and an inviting place to spend time.


Fire it Up Pottery & Art Studio provides a unique experience in an inspiring, aesthetically-pleasing studio with top-notch equipment and a creative atmosphere where you are able to make memories, make art, heck maybe even make a new color! Whether you are a newbie hobbyist or a vetted virtuoso, Fire it Up Pottery & Art Studio will give you space to grow artistically in a fun, family-friendly environment no matter where you are starting from. Of the art places in Houston, look no further than Fire it Up. Our experienced artists and educators provide a high standard of step-by-step instruction for all of our guests. We have an assortment of classes and workshops using different mediums and techniques, so you are sure to let your creativity run wild! We provide all art supplies, you just bring your creative self. It is fun, easy, and completely stress-free. You will leave amazed at the artwork you create and the self-expression you release at Fire It Up Pottery & Art Studio, an upbeat, expressive studio in Houston, TX

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